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Our Vision

To be an industry leading mobile retail

outlets with branded products and service

of superior quality and increasing  focus

on customer satisfaction

Our Genesis - Who We Are

Unocom Communications LLP is a multi-brand smartphones outlet retail chain, started by a group of young and passionate entrepreneurs. The executive team has vast experience in Telecom, Information Technology, Retail, Ecommerce and Infrastructure. The genesis of Uno mobiles lies in the power of thinking big and believing in our dreams.

Our aim is to provide the best branded Smart Phones, feature phones, Accessories with superior quality services to the customers. Our strength is to continuously innovate and reinvent ourselves.

Our Corporate Office is located in Hyderabad whereas our business is far reaching. We will come in flying colors with numerous stores across various cities in the coming months.

About Industry

Hot Trends for Mobile Phones

  • Smartphones are all geared up to compete against the new breed of tablets that are technically an extension of the phones and to help them out will be quad-core processors
  • Smartphones will no longer be the preserve of the rich. While operators and Indian handset manufactures are already trying to bring in affordable smartphones, Airtel CEO Sunil Bharti Mittal has announced that he wants smartphone prices to drop to below $50.
  • Many criticised Apple for not including expandable memory card slots in the iPhone and the iPad. It seems that even the companies today have realised that with the increased inbuilt memory of smartphones, not many make use of up to 32 GB expandable card slots